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    3D Stone Collection

    The 3D Stone collection is given rise from a "mysterious" material that resembles 3D marbled paper but weighs equal to a stone. It is a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create multi-dimensional, functional sculptures. The unique process involves recycling the powdered residue from the marble industry, mixed with pigment and resin to create blocks of material that can be sawn, sliced, and turned on a lathe. It will inject a fresh pop sensibility into any setting with its substantial weight, smooth texture, and bold pattern. We have almost 30 different textures out of which 4 are displayed below:-

    A step by step guide of forming a 3D Stone material-

    1. LIQUIDS

    Add 2 litres of water into a container, then add 200ml of marbling paint concentrate solution. Blend the liquid until fully dissolved.

    2. MERGE

    Drop the marbling paint into the solution surface.

    3. VARIANT

    When the paint colour spreads evenly, drop other paint colours one by one until you have the desired colour combination.

    4. DISRUPT

    Use a comb or rod to swirl your pattern.

    5. SWIRL

    Keep swirling till you get the patterns of your choice.


    Lay your hand or object onto the solution surface and leave for approximately 5 seconds.


    Keep wet side upwards till your hand or object has air-dried.


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