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    Comparing handmade products with similar items in the high street shops would not be justified because there really is no comparison. Handmade products offer more attention to detail and higher value, alongside some incredible benefits as well.
    Handmade Products are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
    Made on a much smaller scale than high street brands, products that are handmade are not only produced in a sustainable manner but are often made in materials that are eco-friendly in nature and sourced locally. You could choose to buy from a store that practices sustainability instead of a larger brand that may or may not adhere to being eco-sensitive. The health and well-being of our planet determine our wellness and we must ensure that we do everything we can to embrace a lifestyle that works towards saving the planet from man-made hazards like pollution, contamination of water bodies, disposal of non-biodegradable material, etc. Not only does our conscious lifestyle come with great health benefits, but it is also the right thing to do to ensure that we leave a clean and healthy world for generations to come.

    Handmade Products Helps in Employment Generation
    Purchasing handmade products creates jobs and supports local craft industries and people. The people are not out of work but working in their business either as groups or individuals, taxes are paid, money is generated and the remuneration stays within the country. All around, there is a huge impact on the economy.

    Handmade Products are Unique and of a Great Worth
    Each and every handmade piece is as unique as each and every human in this world. Customers always have an option to customize their purchases with handmade goods as certain aspects of the product can be tweaked specifically to fit the needs of the customer. Plus, handmade products contain an "Air of Authenticity" which compels customers to highly value them.

    Handmade Products Support a Tradition of Skilled Work and Keep Art Alive
    Every handmade product is about people, not machines. It is about the magic of imagination and the skill of every artisan. With developing technology, skilled workers are getting replaced with machines. The purchase of handmade products formulate a need for education in these skills and ensure traditional craft skills are kept alive. Supporting the artisans is not just good for the community but also for the art.

    Buy Handmade, Support Handmade - Because Handmade is Happiness!

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