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    The Good Karma Shopping List!!

    In the words of Emma Watson: ‘‘As sellers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we sell’’.
    One way of doing it is by switching to a SUSTAINABLE FASHION which is ETHICS + AESTHETICS!!!

    More and more people are becoming conscious about their homes being eco-friendly and sustainable living spaces. Homeowners who didn’t join the green movement right from the beginning are now starting to make a positive change by adding sustainable elements to their homes.
    Turning our end consumer’s home into a sustainable place doesn’t have to be exhausting and stressful for us. All we need to know are the basic principles of green renovations and the ways to include eco-friendly décor into their home. One of the best ways is to start including marble or stone home products into your elegant product portfolio for your end consumers.

    And once again The Handicraft Street comes to the rescue; we present our ‘Good Karma shopping list’:-

    - Marble Chopping Boards
    These have the ideal cutting surface, resist wear and tear, help to keep food from sticking, and won't damage knives.

    - Marble Coasters
    These gorgeous coasters will bring a touch of elegance to your tea table and enhance the experience of your guests.

    - Marble Shots Glasses
    Spook your friends or spice up your bar collection with these classy shot glasses. These will make a great way to show off your hosting skills.

    - Marble Candle Holders
    Beautiful solid marble candle holders perfectly fit the philosophy of beauty + fashion. Be it the Bedside or the dinner table these will bring a warm glow to your space.

    - Marble Serving Trays
    You may be the worst cook but serve your food on marble and you look like a master chef. These are just perfect for presenting food.

    - Marble Bathroom Accessories
    A bathroom with special accessories is admired by all and wished for by many. You can transform the look of your whole bathroom by renovating them with marble bathroom accessories.

    Choose well and make it last!!!

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